Monday, July 04, 2005


We went to London last weekend to visit a friend. It was really nice being in a big city again. It was also nice seeing my friend. And I realised while flying there (while reading my Rolling Stone) that I'm in London the same weekend as Live8. Unfortunately the tickets for the Hyde Park show has been gone ages ago and we already made plans for the whole weekend.

I like London. It's a busy metropolitan city where you can find everything within your reach. At HMV/Virgin I can find any CD I want. There are tons of stores to shop in around Oxford Street. Lots of drinking places at night around SoHo (although most don't serve alcohol after 11). Lots and lots of good food (Veera Swaamy, Carluccio's, Busaba Eathai). And a transportation network that seems to have its own mind.

It was also the first time I watched a musical. Before I always associated musicals with something you did in elementary school for Christmas. But after I came out of the Lion King my view had changed completely. It was, simply put, amazing. The singing, the acting, the music, the costumes, the set, the crowd. Honestly, I'd rather see a good musical/play than a Michael Bay movie. Unfortunately, plays and musicals seems to only exist in big cities and even there interest seems to be waning. I hope they never die.

We almost got 250 Euros for willing to take a later flight but too bad, the flight we were supposed to be taking was able to fit us. Better luck next time I guess.


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