Friday, July 22, 2005

Paleo, Thursday

It's time for Paleo again!

It's always nice when Paleo is on. The weather is usually good, there's not much work to do because everyone is on holiday and lots of good music is just around the corner. This year it's the 30th edition of Paleo so they try to do it big. On the 25th Paleo had Oasis so I was expecting something as big. I guess Franz Ferdinand fits the spot pretty well.

Last night it was Starsailor (again) and Franz Ferdinand - with lots of other groups in between. I got there around 20.00 and immediately started drinking beer. Lots of eating followed before we settled watching Starsailor who came to replace Sum 41. Last year they were there and I was standing front row almost by myself singing all the songs with James Walsh. Now everyone heard of Starsailor and all the girls realised how cute James Walsh is. A full pack by the stage.

After a while I realised that most of their songs sound the same and their biggest hit is the one that sounds different - Four To The Floor. Hmmmm. At one point while playing Silence Is Easy James asked the crowd to do the "Oh-oh-oh" bit. We all did and some people continued in the next song. Somehow it fitted very well in the other song as well. Hmmmmm. They ended with Good Souls and these 4 lads probably went on to the beer tent or something.

Time to rest a bit and enjoy the fire installations. Nice and warm.

Then it's Franz Ferdinand. They came out all looking 'geeky' (or 'art-school' if you prefer). Alex Kapranos took charge from the get go and the band sounded really good. The crowd was jumping up and down, slamming into each other as if it was a Metallica concert. That actually helped my quest to surge forward and at one point I was pretty close in front. Franz Ferdinand played all their hits and some new songs (which I will definitely get when the new album gets out - they're good!).

After more than an hour Franz Ferdinand went off and most people went home. I stayed around a bit drinking more beer and just talking around. At 2.30 I took the bus home only to fall a sleep in the bus and missing the bus stop (I have a habit of falling a sleep when drunk). So I had to walk 20 minutes in the dark to get to bed. I got in bed at 3.45. Tonight I will definitely stand up in the bus.

"Find me and follow me
through corridors refactories
and files you must follow me
this academic factory"


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