Thursday, August 18, 2005

Holland vs Germany

At a day when my country is celebrating it's 60th independence anniversary I was more interested in another event: the Holland vs Germany 'friendly' football match. Funny how I am more interested in the country that my country believes gained independence from (it wasn't Holland, it was Japan - the Dutch were long gone from there in 1945).

Anyway, the football match was a good one. Arjen Robben showed the Germans how to play beautiful football. He scored the first one after just 3 minutes and the second one just seconds after the second half started. He made a couple of nice actions. At one point he was running through the German defense when he evaded a couple of bad tackles in the box. Had he gone down it was a sure penalty, but Robben prefers to stay up and tried to pass the ball to van Persie who couldn't get to it. I'm sure it if was a German he would have been on the ground before you can say "Schwalbe".

But then the Germans came back as usual and at the end of 90 minutes the scoreline said 2-2. The Dutch totally outclassed the Germans but this is what you get when you play against the Germans. They have 2 half chances and they score both. Holland had 5 or 6 golden chances and only scored two. Holland also had the majority of possession.

Oh well, I enjoyed the match. If Holland plays like this then San Marco will make the Dutch world champions. In Germany.

On another note, England lost 4-1 to Denmark. Proof that Sven can't coach well and that the English team is way overrated. And that David James should never be allowed to stand between the posts in an England shirt.


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