Tuesday, August 02, 2005

It's that time of the year again

What do you do when you have aged another year? Some people would go drink and party. Other will take time and reflect about the past year. Some don't do anything. Me, I just wanna have fun.

And by fun, I mean fun.

My girlfriend organised a fun trip on Sunday to an adventure park. Seven obstacle courses. It was big fun, although when I was doing the black course (called "Commando") I felt like I was about die. It was high up and I had to climb and step and do other stuff. Luckily I survived, but still. We spent 4 hours there just having fun in the trees.

At night all my friends came to my place and we drank and drank and drank. Monday was a day off. And there was a huge watergun as well. Just imagine that scene.

As for birthday gifts, I received the perfect birthday gift:

Yep, if I ever turn into an alcoholic I can pinpoint the exact moment!


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