Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Fernando Alonso, 2005 F1 World Champion

He's done it. Fernando Alonso, the 24-year old lad from Oviedo became the 2005 F1 World Champion last weekend when he finished third in the Brazilian GP. Kimi Raikkonen, his closest competitor, came second but it was enough for Alonso to clinch the world title.

I always knew he would be champion. I watched the Spa F3000 race back in 2000 where Alonso won it and I knew he was special. When he came to F1 in a Minardi in 2001 he showed his talent by qualifying his Minardi in places where it's not supposed to be. And then his first win in 2003 in Hungary, lapping Michael Schumacher in the process. 2004 wasn't a good year for him but in 2005 he was the man. His Renault was better in the early stages of the season and he took full advantage of it. Later on McLaren was better but by then Alonso already had enough of a lead to drive safely and win it.

For those who think that Fernando is not worthy because he didn't attack in the last races, well why should he? Why risk something as big as the world title just so that he can please a few people (but pissing of his boss if he risks too much)?

He's a worthy champion and I hope we get to see more of him in the coming years. At least he won it while Michael Schumacher is still competing. "Schumacher Who?" as it was written on a Renault mechanic's shirt.

Oh, and I share a birthday with Fernando. How cool is that?


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