Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Full iPod

Last week I bought Kanye West' Late Registration. I had to update my iTunes to v5.0 and then I ripped the album into my iTunes. When I connected my iPod to my iTunes, it started to syncronize. But before it copied the new songs to my iPod a warning came out saying that there is no space left in my iPod and that iTunes will select the songs based on my music preference.

So there you have it. It took a while but I managed to fill up my 20GB iPod to the max. It now has 3200 songs. So every new album I buy will be loaded into my iPod on the condition that some old songs are not loaded anymore.

"But doesn't it say that 20GB will hold up to 5,000 songs?" I hear you say. Yes, but only if you rip at 128kbps. I rip at 192 kbps to get a clearer sound. It also takes a bit more space.

I actually want to sell my 20GB iPod and get a 60GB one. I still have lots of CDs that I haven't put on my iTunes yet.

This is to the amazement of my mate. "You filled up your iPod? With all legal music??" he asked me. "You're the first person I know who did it."

Remember kids, stealing music is bad. And when you buy an iPod go for the biggest one.


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