Thursday, September 29, 2005

Traffic Jam

I was at my girlfriend's place last night so this morning I was driving on the highway to get back into town. Usually there are lot of cars but not a traffic jam where the cars come to a full halt.

This morning however it was a real traffic jam, where the cars came to a full halt. Everyone obviously wondered what was going on. I was just listening to Stellastar* (their first album, haven't got their new album yet). Until I realised that this traffic jam is going to affect my girlfriend as well.

So I called her up and while on the phone I can see that there are works to be done and that the road will be split into two further up front. I said that to her and took the left lane (the fast lane). At the splitting I can see cars on the right hand lane being guided into a parking place and there were people with yellow jackets in there. My first thought is obviously "damn, police checks at 8 in the morning? oh well, lucky I got the right lane."

After that the traffic jam was over and I could speed up again (over the speed limit) to get home. Once I got home my girlfriend called me up and said that she heard about this traffic jam on the radio. It turns out it wasn't a police check.

What was it?

It was a survey where the people in the yellow jackets (from the local transportation company) were asking the people driving what causes traffic jams in the morning!

Oh how I would love to see what the driver's answers were.

How stupid is that?


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