Sunday, October 30, 2005

Montreal, Quebec, CA

Last week I was in Montreal for work. It's a very nice city, a mix of America and Europe. The city style is very USA while the people and the culture is very European (a bit French as well). I had a couple of meetings to attend.

Well, what happened is that on Monday night we finished the Heineken at the hotel. That's a good way to get rid of the jetlag. On Tuesday night we went for steak. Man, the steak over there are huge. And then we drank a bit more. Wednesday night we had ribs that was absolutely fantastic. It was so tender it practically fell of the bones. We past by Jacques Villeneuve's club called Newtown (Villeneuve, you get it?) and I got a bit trashed. Thursday was a bit chilled but I still managed to down a couple of Margarita Golds at a Mexican place.

Did a bit of shopping as well. Yeah, and a bit of work as well in case you were wondering.


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