Saturday, November 12, 2005

Becks in Geneva

The England football team arrived in Geneva on Thursday evening for the friendly game against Argentina. David Beckham was interviewed by World Radio Geneva on Friday. Overheard from the interview was this bit of conversation.

Reporter: "So David, have you ever been here in Geneva?"
Becks: "Er, y'know, eh, yes... er, no... er, have I been here? Hmmmm, well, y'know, I'm not sure if I've been. I don't know."

Reporter: "So David, do you like Geneva then?"
Becks: "Er, y'know, Geneva is really nice y'know. It's a beautiful place, the view is amazing. And it's amazing that a country like Geneva will host such a big game on Saturday. Thanks a lot to Geneva."

(ok, words are not exactly the same but you get the drift, don'tcha?)


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