Monday, November 28, 2005

Canterbury (again), Bestie & Burnsie

I woke up Friday morning, looked outside my window and saw that there was about 10cm of snow. Yippee!! Then I realised I have to drive to the airport and get a flight to London City. A good time to test my car in winter condition.

Got to the airport in one piece and the plane managed to take-off even though there was abot 20cm of snow at the airport. Landed in London City an hour and a half later and it was blue skies without a single snowflake in sight.

Took the bus then tube then train to go to Chiswick to meet up with my girlfriend, then had some breakfast (at 11am), took tube again and had lunch with a friend (at 12.30 am), pottered around in paperchase then took tube and bus again to London City to pick-up car and drive to Canterbury via the M2. Got in Canterbury earlier than expected. Spend a nice weekend there.

On a sidenote: George Best - the best footballer ever not to play in a World Cup - and Richard Burns - a former WRC champion - both passed away this weekend. :(


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