Thursday, November 03, 2005

FC Thun - Ajax

When UEFA made the draw for this year's UEFA Champions League Pools I was thrilled when I found out that my beloved Ajax is in the same group as FC Thun. Not because FC Thun was - on paper - the weakest and most unknown team from all the qualifiers but because it means I can go to the FC Thun - Ajax game in Stade de Suisse, Bern.

Unfortunately, when the tickets went out I couldn't get hold of any and it was sold out within hours. So I frantically searched the internet and made biddings on the localricardo site. Everytime I bid on a couple of tickets I was getting outbid or the price was ridiculous. But I kept on looking and last Sunday I did another bid. This time I won the auction and got a ticket.

I received my ticket yesterday morning for Sector C6, balcony.

Yesterday during the day - while I was checking train schedules for Bern - my cousin from Amsterdam sent me a text message. "Are you going to Ajax - Thun tonight?". I replies very simple "Yes". Turns out that he was on his way with a couple of mates of him to watch the game as well.

So we met up just before the game. His mate insisted that I should try swapping my ticket so that I can sit with the Ajax fans. Otherwise it won't be nice for me sitting by myself surrounded by Thun fans. We tried and failed in our first attempt. We tried again with another ticket seller but didn't work either. But then we thought, let's just try to go in. After being checked by security we made it to the top of the stairs where the tickets were scanned electronically. My ticket was obviously rejected but then we pleaded to the woman to let me through. And she did let me through.

So there I was, watching FC Thun vs Ajax with all the travelling Ajax fans. It was very good, lots of chanting and singing. I had the impression that the travelling Ajax fans made much more noise than the Thun fans. Around 750 people must have outscreamed the other 30,000.

The game itself was very tense. Ajax managed to win it in injury time but they didn't play as good as the can. Oh well, they finally scored some goals and they won the 3 points needed.

"Ole Ole Ajax Amsterdam Ole Ole!!"


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