Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Hard to Beat

I've been a bit busy lately. I was in Munchen/Muenchen/Munich last weekend just sipping beer, gluhwein and more beer while walking around the famous Christmas markets. It's nice walking around holding a cup of hot alcohol while watching how commercialized Christmas has become. And on Friday I'm going on my Christmas vacation with my girlfriend for 3 weeks so I have to pack my bags and all in the meantime, while finishing work and sorting out other stuff.

In the latest edition of Q magazine, they listed the best albums of 2005 (I'll do mine when 2005 has actually finished, I still need to listen to some albums) and also a list of people's favourite songs of 2005.

Mine is Hard-Fi's Hard to Beat.

The song has everything for me. A good beat you can dance to. Enough guitars to make it rock. A simple story (guy meets girl in a club and spends the night with her). From a great album. Everytime I hear it I just wanna jump up and down. I will definitely use this song when/if I'm DJing.

"Read all about it, have you heard the latest?
Boy in a band, Babe's a hollywood actress
But baby, you and me, we came up from the street
No time to hesitate, we've got to push our weight"


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