Monday, December 05, 2005

Run, Run, Run

Last Saturday I ran the escalade. The first time I ever ran an official race in my adulthood (I did a couple of races when I was a little kid). And to my amazement, I finished the race, ahead of some other runners.

The race is 7.25km long and it took me 40.05 minutes. I came in 1592th out of 1863. You can all laugh your heads off seeing my time or position, but in all honesty I thought I won't be able to finish the race. You see, my endurance is bad. BAD. I can sprint for a couple of seconds really fast but then I'd be gasping for breath soon afterwards. We trained (I did it with my team) from a month before and during the training I never managed to do the 3 full laps. Only 2 at most and that with some walking in between.

So I could hardly believe it when I was running towards the finish line and actually finishing the race. I only walked for about 20 meters, the rest I ran.

I guess I am able to improve my endurance...


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