Thursday, January 12, 2006

In the year 2005

So let's sit and rewind back and sort of review what happened in 2005.

Er, not much that I can remember today...

Anyway, just like all the best selling magazines I should make a list of The ... Of The Year 2005 in anakzaman's world. So here goes:

Footballer of the year: Ronaldinho, hands down, no argument.
Football coach of the year: Frank Rijkaard and Henk ten Cate. Just look at what they did at Barcelona in 2005.
Ajacied of the year: Wesley Sneijder. He stayed at Ajax and even signed an extension and probably the most consistent player of 2005.

F1 driver of the year: Fernando Alonso. Winning the F1 WDC and breaking Schumi's dominance at the same time.

Movie of the year: I liked Layer Cake a lot. Better than Revolver actually. Might have to dig up some archives and come back for this category.

Album(s) of the year: A good year for music actually. KanYe West's Late Registration, Hard-F1's Stars of CCTV, Kaiser Chiefs' Employment, Coldplay's X&Y, Bright Eyes' It's Wide Awake It's Morning, the Arcade Fire's Funeral, Franz Ferdinand's You Could Have It So Much Better...

Trip of the year: Driving to Kent.

Dive of the year: Going into a small cave in Nice.

Achievement of the year: Running (and finishing!) the escalade.

Gadget of the year: the iPod video, although I'm still fiddling with it trying to put an episode of the Simpsons on it.

Party of the year: Groningen; full of Feiglings and Flugels, ending up at FEBO. And Talampaya, DJing under the influence of absinthe.

Concert of the year: Franz Ferdinand at Paleo

Book of the year: I was Bono's Doppelganger - Neil McCormick; a funny insight in the life of Bono.

I can't think of any other categories, but when I do I'll add it.

And resolution for 2006: use the Calendar function on my work Lotus Notes.


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