Friday, January 13, 2006

iPod Video

At work, a couple of months ago, somebody at marketing thought it would be nice to hand out iPod in reward for understanding some new marketing concept. So marketing made a quiz, for which there were 5 new video iPods as first prize, 10 iPod Nanos and some iPod shuffles as consolidation prize.

Since I'm an iPod fan, I thought "hmmm, I can win a free iPod". So I did the quiz. I even took time to make sure that all the answers were correct by opening a couple of PowerPoint presentations and listen to some guy ramble about his product for an hour or so.

And it paid off. I won an iPod video. It was announced mid-December and I received it beginning of this week. So now have two iPod, a 60GB iPod Photo and a 30 GB iPod Video.

After that I was fiddling around trying to get videos on the iPod. With the help of First Use Wizard and Videora iPod Converter I managed to put my favorite episode of The Simpsons on it (Bart Gets Famous). It does take some time to decode and then transcode but it's worth the while.

Travelling with my iPod Video will be so much better now as I can watch episodes of Friends, The Simpsons, Seinfeld and perhaps Lost on it. And have music to listen to when I'm bored. What else do I need???


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