Monday, February 27, 2006

Moving, cleaning, etc.

Today I had to give my old appartment back. In the same condition as when I got it, which means empty and clean.

I had about two weeks to empty and clean my old appartment. As usual, I did it the very very last minute. Saturday I moved out a couple of boxes, Sunday me and my mates tore down a big wardrobe and some bookshelves and put everything out on the street. Then I had to move any remnants either into a rubbish bin or into my car. It took me a couple of journeys.

In total I came out with 6 or 7 110 liter rubbish bins, full with stuff I don't actually need. And then there was the cleaning.

Today when I gave it back, the guy just looked at the appartment for 5 minutes, tried all the lights and signed it off. That was a bit too easy...

Oh well, I have officially moved appartments now. A bigger one - without a bar though but with my girlfriend in it.


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