Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Barcelona vs Chelsea, UEFA Champions League

Last night was the second leg of the big game in the UEFA Champions League this year: Barcelona vs Chelsea at the Nou Camp in Barcelona. In the first leg Chelsea lost 1-2 at home, so they had to get a win in Barcelona.

I was expecting this to be a great game, especially since I missed the first leg (I was on a plane) and last year's meeting as well (I don't remember what I was doing). It turned out to be a good game, but not as good as I expected. Ronaldinho made the difference as he wont to do. That guy is just an amazing football player and currently the best in the world by a country mile.

Chelsea's lost is a nice one as this will shut up Jose Mourinho's gob for a while. I have no sympathy for this guy as he is an arrogant bastard. He still refuses to acknowledge that his team got beaten by Barcelona and he is still pointing out the fact that Asier Del Horno got sent off in the first leg is what causes them to lose. It was him who made Anders Frisk retire due to death threats. It was Mourinho who says that Leo Messi is an actor when in fact there are a couple in his squad as well. It was Mourinho who almost got into fisticuffs with Bryan Robson the other day. And it is the same Mourinho who can't buy a decent player. All the best Chelsea players were there before he came.

He might be a very good manager but his attitude is all wrong. At least for me.

So yes, I don't like Jose "The Special One" Mourinho. There. I said it.


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