Thursday, March 30, 2006


So yesterday I was commuting in London, going from one side to the other to get to the London office. My end station was Hayes & Harlington, which is actually closer to Slough than it is to London. A colleague dubbed it "the arse end of nowhere". And honestly, Hayes is in the middle of nowhere, the most upmarket restaurant in this place has two golden arches and a clown on the window.

As I was walking up the stairs of the station to get to the exit, along with other commuters, I saw a girl walking downwards. At first sight she looked familiar. At second sight she was someone familiar. It was a good friend from Geneva, who lives in Geneva. So there we were, both of us, bumping into each other at Hayes station, in the middle of nowhere when we both did not knew about each other being in London.

How weird is that?

I just couldn't stop laughing, it was that spooky...


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