Thursday, April 27, 2006

The Worst Albums Ever

On April's edition of Q magazine, they listed the 50 Worst Albums Ever. Some albums listed were indeed very very bad (Oasis' Standing On The Shoulder Of Giants, Spice Girls' Forever, etc).

As any normal music anorak, I went through the list and see if I have any CDs on that list. I have 1. Then I checked again if I ever bought a tape of one of the albums in my previous life. There are 2 tapes.

Yes, Babylon Zoo's The Boy With the X-Ray Eyes was listed on the list and I remember buying that tape because I liked Spaceman. Remeber that Levi's ad? So that's the first tape.

Number 2 on the Worst Albums Ever list is all Spice Girls solo effort. Well, I bought Melanie C's Northern Star on CD. In my defence, that effort is probably the best out of all Spice Girls' solo efforts. Too bad she used to be a Spice Girl otherwise that album would not have made it on that list. Oh well, at least I don't have Forever on CD.

The Worst Album Ever is Duran Duran's Thank You, their album of covers, where they covered the likes of Lou Reed, Public Enemy, The Doors, etc. Being an avid Duran Duran fan of course I bought the tape. I still rank Thank You better than Pop Trash but I guess Q doesn't agree.

So there you have it, I own(ed) the Worst Album Ever.


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