Thursday, May 18, 2006

2006 UEFA Champions League Final

Yesterday was the match that I was waiting for a while. Barcelona vs Arsenal in Paris, battling for the UEFA Champions League. It was sort of a dream final, with Ronaldinho pitted against Thierry Henry, two of the best footballers in the world.

The pub was full, jam packed. I ordered a burger and it took an hour for it to be ready. Luckily a friend was sitting up front so I got good position to see the game.

The game was eventful. In the early minutes Henry had a great chance but Valdes saved his shot. Then Lehman stopped Eto'o just outside the box. The ball rolled on and Giuly scored a goal but the ref stopped play. Which means that Lehmann was getting a red card and Barca gets a free kick. That is correct according to the rulebook but I guess the most of the world would have been happier if he allowed the goal and gave Lehmann a yellow card.

A ten-man Arsenal then fought strongly and Eboue eventually fell down after bumping into thin air. The resulting free kick, taken by Henry, was headed in by Sol Campbell. Arsenal 1, Barca 0 when in fact it should have been the other way around.

In the second half Rijkaard put in Iniesta and took out Edmilson. Barca began attacking Arsenal. After a while Henke Larsson - playing his final game for Barca - went on and he pretty much decided the game. Not Ronaldinho, not Henry, not Eto'o or Fabregas, but 34-year old Larsson. His two assists gave Barca the lead, which they held until the end. 2-1 Barcelona.

Since Barca is the Spanish Ajax, I am happy.


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