Saturday, June 24, 2006


Ten things we learned from our one week holiday in Malta:

  1. I need a visa to go to Malta unless I have a valid Schengen visa, even though Malta is not yet part of Schengen.
  2. The currency is Maltese Lira, it's more expensive than British Pounds and some call it sterlings.
  3. Malta is hot in June. Very very hot. And dry.
  4. Very nice dive sites, not much fish but plenty to see.
  5. The language is a mix of several other languages, none that I know.
  6. A taxi ride is very very expensive, especially at night.
  7. People are nice to tourists, because they want your money.
  8. Here you have Portuguese, there you have Italians.
  9. It's full of kids learning English, when in fact all they do is party. What kind of parent would send their kid to Malta to learn English anyway?
  10. You drive on the wrong side of the road. And everyone drives as if they are Italian.
We wouldn't mind coming back again though, it was very nice...


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