Monday, June 26, 2006

The World Cup is over for me

After last night's match, the World Cup is over for me. I know it's still going on but with Holland out it just won't be the same anymore. No more nailbiting and intensely watching and screaming at the television in a pub with my oranje shirt on.

Last night Holland lost 1-0 to Portugal. The game was marred by the number of cards the referee dished out. Sixteen yellow cards in total to 12 players with 4 players getting it twice. Which meant that Mr. Ivanov, the Russian referee, has set a new record at the World Cup by sending off the most players in one game.

Holland had lots more chances than Portugal but didn't manage to score a goal. Portugal did and that's how they got through.

It was already bad with the loss but the car honking after midnight was just icing on the cake. Damn Portugeezers in my neighborhood!!!


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