Monday, July 10, 2006

Bye Bye Zinedine Zidane

So Italy have fun the 2006 World Cup, after an entertaining final against the French.

On the 7th minute Malouda raced into the Italian penalty box, Materazzi closed in and touched Malouda's right leg, which then tangled up with his left leg and he fell down. Zinedine Zidane stepped up and shot a great panenka against Gigi Buffon. Then in the 23rd minute Marco Materazzi jumped over Patrick Vieira to head in a corner from Andrea Pirlo. The 1-1 score line stayed until the end of extra time so it went to penalties. All converted their penalties except for David Trezeguet. According to the French commentators on the telly, Trezeguet didn't miss the penalty, it was denied by the cross bar. Whatever. The Italians have won it.

This World Cup is supposed to be Zidane's last tournament, last bunch of games before he retires as professional footballer. He has given the world a lot and he is by far the best footballer in this generation. I had the opportunity to see him live in front of my eyes once, in Nyon when Real Madrid was playing a pre-season friendly, and he was amazing what he can do - and how he does it - with the ball.

The final of the World Cup is a fitting finale for a player so great. He scored a penalty but in extra time he lost his cool and reacted to a provocation from Materazzi. He turned around and headbutted Materazzi straight in the chest. Unbelievable! After such an illustrious career, this is what he does to say farewell to the world of football.

We will probably never know what provoked his action but it is such a shame that he ended his career like that.

What the hell were you thinking Zizou?


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