Tuesday, July 18, 2006

The Strokes @ Montreux 2006

Last Friday, when all Frenchmen were celebrating their revolution or whatnot, I went to see The Strokes at the Montreux Jazz Festival.

They were the shit back in 2000 when they came out with This Is It. A fresh New York sound, filled with punk and jangling guitars and good fashion as well. Six years later and The Strokes still can't shake off their first album success and it shows in their show.

For Julian Casablancas and Albert Hammond Jr, Switzerland is not a strange land. It was in Switzerland, in one of those expensive boarding school up in the mountains, where they met for the first time. The cool guy befriending the geek. They joined forces when they came back to NY and made The Strokes. Drugs, Drew Barrymore, booze, rehab, First Impressions of Earth and now back in Switzerland.

For the concert: they rock!!! Well, Fab Moretti and Albert Hammond Jr rock. Nick Valensi as well. Julian fits a shoegazing band more but does well once in a while.

I forgot how danceable their early songs were. Someday and Last Night are killers, I will definitely use them in my next DJing gig.

In the corner two guys were dressed up a-la Strokes. Tight black jeans, used t-shirt, jacket, and a mop of hair around the eyes. Not sure if they were part of the band or just faithful fans but they were rocking to the music. Which we all should.


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