Friday, July 14, 2006

Superman Returns

Most of us, growing up with comic books and television and pop culture around us, know who and what Superman is. He's the man of steel, who came from planet Krypton, raised in a farm by the family Kent, is the normal Clark Kent, journalist for the Daily Planet, has the hots for Lois Lane, and is allergic to Kryptonite.

Hollywood followed Batman Begins with Superman Returns. Here Superman comes back after a five year hiatus to look for his planet Krypton, only to find that Lois Lane has a kid and is engaged to Richard White and to find that Lex Luthor is out of jail and has a wacky plan to rule the world. Of course Superman comes to save the day (oh, wait, that's Mighty Mouse).

Anyway, I still wonder, how the hell can people not know that Clark Kent is Superman. Take Clark's glasses off and he looks uncannily like Superman. On top of that, at least somebody must notice that whenever Superman is around, Clark isn't. Or are they that stupid down there in Metropolis?

And we all see Superman flying around etc because of his 'alien' powers. Well if all the people on Krypton have these powers, then why could they not save their planet? One Superman can save the earth, but the whole population of Krypton which are all supposed to be supermen can't save their planet.

How the hell did Lex Luthor find Superman's cave while no other person on the earth has found it before? Did he use Google Earth or something? And using a summer yacht as well to go to the coldest seas in the world.

Bryan Singer did make a nice watchable movie though. I'm particularly impressed by the mixture of modern day technology with 50s fashion. And how he made Superman have emotions. At points he didn't look like a man of steel at all. As for Lois Lane's fiancee, I'm sorry mate, you have no chance against Superman. There is a reason he has a big "S" on his chest.


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