Monday, August 21, 2006

Stag Stag Stag Stag Stag!!!!

It was my first proper Stag Do last weekend. One of my mates here is getting married next month so 13 boys decided to have fun.

We started Friday evening by having a pint at a local bar and then heading to the Saleve for a nice party. It was a good party, excellent location. A couple of Caipirinhas and Vodka Red Bulls and we're off having fun. Got home at 4am and had to be at our rendez-vous point at 8am next morning.

Which meant not a lot of sleep.

Saturday morning got there on time at 8am. Had breakfast and around 9am we headed off for our first activity. We went go-karting and we had the place all for ourselves. For some, go-karting with a hangover was a bit rough. I can imagine. I got pole position during qualifying but in the race I spun. Twice. I ended up 5th but without the spins I would have definitely be on the podium.

After that lunch, filet de perche. Then a Flight Bapteme for the groom to be while we all had a couple of drinks in the sun. Next activity: Aquaparc. What can be more fun than slides in a huge waterparc? Did all the slides then sat down at the bar for more beer.

For dinner it was fondue, very delicious although the service was crap. Unbelievably crap! Then the boys headed towards a club for a night out clubbing. At this point the average alcohol intake was beyond the recommended limit so we just drank more. Shots, vodka red bull, with young girls dancing around us it was certainly an experience. Also made me feel old. Got back at 5am and just crashed on the nearest couch I could find.

Sunday we all just sat down in the garden having a barbeque, more beers and a round of discgolf.

This morning I was a potato...


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