Monday, September 25, 2006

Cleaning a lake

Lake Geneva / Lac Leman / Lac Geneve / Genfersee is the biggest lake in Switzerland. I think it's one of the biggest lake in Europe. As lots of people make use of it, the lake surely becomes dirty. People just chuck random things in it and before you know, the lake is a dirty place filled with lots of litter.

That's why some people organised the cleaning of this lake. It started last year and is now becoming an annual event. My little dive club organised a cleaning around the port of Pully. I jumped in with my girlfriend and together we looked for rubbish underwater for about an hour.

We didn't find anything interesting, just the normal plastic bags and aluminium cans but other people found more interesting stuff. There was a pair of skis, a Migros shopping trolley, two trotinettes, a tire and a part of a toilet.

Things you can find in the lake.


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