Thursday, September 28, 2006

I just want to eat!!!

Tuesday I passed the third part of my CMA exam. I still have two parts to go though. So my girlfriend decided that we should go out and celebrate.

We wanted to have Fish & Chips, so we drove all the way to France to get it. The only place in the vicinity where we live (and we live in one of the biggest cities in Switzerland) that sells Fish & Chips is in another country. When we got there, the place is shut and will be only open on Fridays and Saturdays as "self-service". Which is shit for us, as we were craving some nice Fish & Chips. So we drove back into the country while pondering what to eat. Can you believe it that there isn't another place that sells something simple like Fish & Chips? We even though about going to the supermarket to get some food, but it was after 8pm and the late supermarket is already shut.

So we drove to another restaurant where we can eat something else. Turns out the restaurant is full and there wasn't any free table for anyone showing up without reservation. On a Tuesday!

In the end we settled for Italian, but it was a long and tiring and annoying journey just to find some nice food. If you crave some good food around here, chances are you won't get it and will only eat it once your craving is gone. You can't do any decent shopping after 7pm. You can't find any decent food after 11pm. You can't do anything on Sundays.

Why oh why am I still in this place???


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