Tuesday, September 19, 2006


Last Saturday one of my good friends got married. It was my first European wedding and I was in charge of the music as well. The weather forecast the days before were saying that it's going to be cloudy and some rain but it turned out to be a very lovely day. We all put our best suits on and all looked magnificent for the occasion.

The wedding started at 2pm at a small church at the lakeside and finished at about 5am in the morning for some but not for me. I DJed until 1h30 and left a CD playing when I left. Apparantly for the people dancing it didn't make much difference whether I was there or not.

As usual, anything that can go wrong does go wrong and in my case it was my iPods. Yes, both of them. My old 60GB photo one decided to freeze the previous night and just when I was about to plug it in to the speakers for some chill music, it froze again. And my 30GB video one - which was supposed to be my back-up - froze when it was connected to my PC. Fortunately the 60GB one decided to come back to live while we're having dinner so I was using that one to add to the CDs I brought with me but my 30GB is still freezing.

We all had a wonderful time and I hope that my dear friends will enjoy their holy matrimony.


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