Monday, October 23, 2006

What a weekend!

Friday, me and 5 other guys boarded a BA flight to London Gatwick. We're going over to visit a friend who just moved there a couple of months ago. He only knew one was coming, not six. The look on his face when he saw all of us was just priceless.

Obviously having 7 guys in London, it became quite a weekend. The booze was flowing, the disc was flying, the music was pumping, and we had a jolly good time.

Friday: Beer before the flight, flight was delayed so more beer before the flight. Beer during the flight. Got there, train and then tube (bought beer on the train station), dropped our bags and then Nando's (and beer). Then off to Madame Jojos where they played deep funk. More booze.

Saturday: I woke up with a hangover (from the Carlsberg). A full English breakfast, orange juice and a Coke to wake me up. Headed into town, walked around Neal Street. Starts raining so ended up in a pub by Covent Garden. Beer. Fish & Chips. More beer. Went back, passed by Tesco's for more beer and juices to mix vodka with. Had some beer and some cocktails. Then off to eat curry (with beer), the 10 of us. Then it was the Great Eastern Diner for more drinks. I had a couple of vodka redbulls, some beers and a cappucino. Some of us had the mixed cocktail made by ourselves and just asked for a glass and ice cubes. We got kicked out when the bar closed and walked to Fabric. It was their birthday weekend and the queue was long. Very very long. Luckily we bought tickets before hand and we didn't have to queue. Hahahaha, losers queueing up. Fabric was great, huge, some good music, more drinks (jagermeister). We walked out of Fabric and decided to walk back home. Unfortunately nobody looked at the map to figure out the shortest distance, so we walked for an hour and a half, with stops for kebab, picking up the frisbee, drinks, pissing, more drinks, etc. Got home at 05.30 in the morning.

Sunday: Woke up at 12, some of us hungover (not me), had brunch at Miso (with beers). Then went to the pub, watched Man Utd vs Liverpool while drinking more beer. Stayed there, got back to grab our bags and then back to Gatwick.

A very memorable weekend.


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