Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Christmas is Coming

After being bombarded by Christmas decorations in shops since beginning of November, it now actually feels that Christmas is coming. Only a week left before you can open presents, have a nice meal with the family and end up hung over and regretting the whole thing on Boxing Day.

A lot of people are complaining how Christmas is too commercialized and how it's forgetting what it essentially means. Christmas was celebrated as the birth of Jesus (although whether he was born on December 25th is another debate) but now it seems that Christmas is just an excuse to have a holiday, to give each other presents, to stuff yourselves full of turkey and to prepare for New Year's.

What I find irritating around Christmas are all the "Christmas" songs you suddenly hear on the radio. I think it's the only time you will hear Slade on the radio (one thing's for sure - Nobby Holder will never have to worry about money as he will keep getting lots of royalties every Christmas). Since when is Last Christmas a Christmas song? Just because it has Christmas in its title it's now a Christmas song? The song is about a one night stand that happened on Christmas and the next year they are both in the same room again. How very Christmas is that?

And then there is Do They Know It's Christmas Time. Bob Geldof and Midge Ure made this song to raise awareness about the situation in Africa. But now it seems again a celebratory song about Christmas. It's not. Everytime you hear that song you're supposed to be thinking about the hunger and poverty in Africa and not about a nice Christmas in Europe. And if you do thank God that it's them instead of you, then you are just sick.

Oh well, Merry Christmas everyone. Enjoy the festivities.


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