Monday, January 15, 2007


Didn't do much this weekend. We jumped into the lake and realised after 10 minutes that it's freezing cold (around 6 degrees) so we went up again. Still a nice dive though.

In the afternoon I watched seven (yes, 7!) episodes of 24 season 4, ending the whole season. Big fans of 24 will know what happens in the end and I found the end to be a bit tacky, seeing a "newborn" Jack Bauer walking off into the sunset alongside traintracks with his leather jacket and his Raybans on.

As for 24 season 4, some stuff don't make sense. But then again, it is television and it is Jack Bauer. He's like the superhero, the can-do-it-all. When his highly tactical team goes into the field, they all wear heavy armor and helmets. Jack just goes in with his jacket and he just dodges bullets like Neo. He never drinks, eats, or sleeps, he never even seems tired at all. He cut himself at night but then never suffered from that wound in the early hours.

Oh, well, finished 24, now on to either Prison Break or episodes of CSI: Miami to make us fall asleep.


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