Tuesday, January 30, 2007

490 + Davids

Yesterday I did the second Part of my exam for the third time. It's something to do with work so that I can demand a raise. I need 500 points to pass. The first time I did 460. The second time I did 480. So using the trend I should have gotten a 500. I did study a bit (albeit with Prison Break in the background - or perhaps it was the other way around?), I prepared as well as I am able to (a couple of minutes here and there), and I got a 490.

I calculated it and I was just missing 3 correct answers. Three out of 140! That's only 2%! I should have answered B instead of C for question 79 and C instead of A on question 123 and maybe I would have passed the damn thing by now. It's just fucking gutting!

Anyway, on another note, welcome back Edje! Great to have you back again!


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