Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Deja Vu

I'm a bit bored at work now and am basically waiting for a phone call before I can leave. So I just browsed my own blog (as you do) and looked up the month of January 2004. Everytime I read an entry I can remember the exact day and what happened, but if I didn't have a blog I probably would have forgotten those days. It's nice to have a blog...

On New Year's day we went to see Deja Vu, the movie with Malcolm X, Jesus Christ and Jim Morrison. It dealt a bit with time travel. If you haven't seen the movie and want to see it, stop reading this entry right now because I will be handing out spoilers now. If you want to read more, then do so.

Anyway, the movie is about a bomb blowing up in New Orleans, killing 500+ people. Denzel the cop investigates it and finds another cop, Val Kilmer. Denzel joins Val and his team where they have hypermodern satellites that can stream live video from 4 days in the past. Turns out that these bunch of geeks found a way to travel back in time.

Movies about time travel have been done before. Back to the future, The Terminator, even in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. And in all those movies they have got it right, but Tony Scott and Jerry Bruckheimer obviously never saw those movies because the whole time travel thing in Deja Vu just sucked ass. It was bad.

How bad you ask?

First of all, when you go back in time and change the past, the events gets changed as well so whatever should have happened won't happen. This means that in Deja Vu, the bombing never happened. Then the issue of Denzel going back in time and dying. This means that the Denzel of the past is only going to live another 4 days. And how is the coroner going to explain having a dead Denzel and a live one at the same time? And also having a facility as such, how come they close it down so easily? I would have thought a project like this will be kept secret for all the world to know.

In short, this movie sucks.

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And a deja vu is a glitch in the system anyways...


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