Thursday, January 11, 2007

Poor Mother Earth

I'm looking out of my window office today. It's bright, sunny, blue skies. I came in this morning on my vespa and only wore my thin windbreaker instead of my big duvet coat. Yesterday I played football at lunch time and I was hot in my shorts and t-shirt. The thermometer in my car showed 13.5 degrees Celsius this morning at 08.30 am. Tuesday night I ran in shorts and wasn't cold at all.

And this is on the 11th of January??!!??

The world is going mental. We can now feel the effect of global warming. I cannot go snowboarding yet, there is no snow.

Even though the weather is very nice, I just want it to be cold and snowing like a normal January. This weather is just freaking me out! (Although it's not freaking GWB I'm sure).

Al Gore must be right.


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