Monday, February 26, 2007


Last Thursday and Friday I had to go to London for work. The office is located very close to Heathrow, so logically I had to fly in to Gatwick. From Gatwick I rented a car to drive all the way to Heathrow and back. I just asked for a small economy car from Avis and got a Peugeot 207. Nice car but it feels too light and they haven't got the legs-to-arm ratio for the driver correct (my legs weren't fully stretched to reach the pedals but my arms were at full stretch - resulting in an uncomfortable driving position).

To drive from Gatwick to Heathrow and back you have to take the famous M25. This is the ringroad highway that circles around London. So I had the nice experience of driving in the morning on the M25. Traffic jams and all. Trucks and BMWs. Motorbikes and speed cameras. Luckily I found XFM on the radio to keep me company.

For some reason the driving reminded me of Jakarta. Driving on that side of the road. The traffic jams. The traffic jams. The traffic jams. Oh well, at least I didn't have to do the cross-London marathon on trains this time.

As for the weekend, the weather was crap. Sunday morning was overcast, then warm, then suddenly rain, hail, then sun, rain again with temperatures fluctuating a lot. Too difficult to be playing in the mud outside.


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