Wednesday, March 07, 2007

77th Geneva Motorshow

And it's here again, the Geneva motorshow. I've been going to this exposition with my press pass (courtesy of HAI magazine) since 2001. So it's my 7th time, and this is what I can say about yesterday's press day:
  • Toyota figured out the big queue for food so they hid the press eating area. The food is still good.
  • Nissan's food is good as usual.
  • Nice bartender at Lancia. Shame they don't serve beer, but a screwdriver is nice (at 11.30am)
  • The girls are like usual, the beautiful ones at Lancia, FIAT, and Alfa Romeo.
  • MINI changed it's stand but it's still trendy. The afterwork drinks was cool.
  • Veltsin's suddenly tastes good at BMW.
  • Big rolls of parmesan cheese at Maserati and Ferrari.
  • The best sushi is still at Daihatsu.
  • Nissan has Playstation 3 hooked up while Seat had a WTCC car converted to a gaming thing where you can play a WTCC game (for PC) with a eye-thingy.
  • Table football at Ford.
  • I missed the footballs again (at either Kia or Hyundai).
  • I can still make free phone calls courtesy of Volkswagen.
Oh, as for the cars, well, only the A5 and the M5 Touring is memorable. The rest are just that, cars.

Next year again!


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