Thursday, March 15, 2007


I went to watch Dreamgirls yesterday. I'm not a musical fan, but I though the story might be interesting.

And it was interesting indeed.

It was based on something real and I could see where the real stuff are. Curtis Taylor Jr. = Berry Gordy. Rainbow = Motown. The Dreams = The Supremes. Deena Jones = Diana Ross. For Jimmy Early I'm not sure, it might be Smokey Robinson, although when he was singing "Patience" with Deena, the song was like Marvin Gaye's What's Going On, he even wore the same hood. That group with a little kid = Jackson 5. Etc etc.

Even the payola charges were real. But then again, how can you stop something like payola?

On another note, I can't understand why Jennifer Hudson was classified as a Supporting Actress? Her role in the movie was essential, and it was Beyonce who was more of a Supporting Actress than she was.

Back to Arcade's Fire Neon Bible. A must-have!


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