Monday, April 02, 2007

Hey Mr. DeeJay!

Friday night my girlfriend's brother called me up telling me that the DJ he hired for Saturday night's event he organized has backed out. Then he asked me whether I can fill in, playing "rock" music.

Being a hobbyist DJ, I couldn't really say no. It would look good on my CV: DJ at ultimate frisbee parties full of drunken players, wedding DJ, and now underground rock club DJ.

I packed my CDs and iPods (yes, I know, I know) and went to the club. It was a bit quiet when I got there. The program was 2 bands playing, while I DJed before, in between, and after. At around 21.30 I started my set with The Kooks. The first band played from 10 to 11 (a bunch of kids sounding like Dire Straits less Mark Knopfler's voice). After that my turn again for 20 minutes. Then the second band, which was a great band. Then me again, but only easy songs as they were shutting up shop.

There were about 30 people there and most of the time I was DJing with my iPods as the power cable for the CD player only came after 10.

Oh well, I got paid, got free drinks and had fun.


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