Thursday, April 26, 2007


Youtube must be one of the great website on the net. You can spend hours and hours just looking at obscure videoclips, or in my case sport clips. And on the Guardian football site, they have a weekly round-up of the best youtube sport clips.

So that is one way of spending all your time at work.

However, the IT chaps here figured it out and have restricted access to youtube. I can't see any videos from youtube! How will I last the day at work?? At home I don't spend much time on my PC (might change once I get my spanking new Apple MacBook) so I'm missing out on all the fab sport clips. And I cannot find a way around the company's firewall.


On another note, it's the first day in April where it's cloudy outside. Yep, after 25 consecutive sunny days with blue skies, today is the first time it's cloudy.


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