Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Ajax signs Kennedy Bakircioglu

Yesterday Ajax signed Kennedy Bakircioglu. He is a Swede, an attacking midfielder and they bought him from FC Twente.

For some, this name probably doesn't mean anything. For others, like me, this name rings a bell. A big bell.

There is only one game I have played throughout the years. It's called Championship Manager (now it's Football Manager). In one version, I think CM2, Kennedy Bakircioglu was the player to have. If you start a new game with any team, all you have to do is buy Kennedy and he will always turn into the best player in the world within CM. I believe the CM scouts thought that Kennedy was the next Maradona. And I always bought him in whatever team I use, he was that good in that game.

Reality is a bit different as he wandered from Sweden to Greece and then Netherlands. Now he has signed for a big club (yes, Ajax is a big club, it's part of the G14). Hopefully he will be as good as he is in CM. If he is, then Ajax will reach great heights again.


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