Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Brugge, Burglar

Last weekend I went to Brugge, Belgium, for a tournament. Flew into Amsterdam Friday afternoon (after an hour delay), rented a car, drove 2.5 hours, got lost in the old town of Brugge, got into the hostel at 01.30 am. We played well and finished 5th. Then Monday we drove back to Schiphol, dropped of our car, missed Koninginnedag, checked in, then waited for hours as the plane was delayed for two hours. Got back home at 01.00 am.

I was in Holland on Koninginnedag but didn't have a chance to go into town and party. How is that possible???

And while I was in Brugge, Ajax lost the championship by one goal. One Freakin' Goal. ONE F*CKING GOAL!!! AAARRRGGGHHH!!!

Tuesday I went into the garage to take my scooter out and realised that someone went in and took some beers (they were Kronenbourg - I don't care). They also took my girlfriend's oxygen bottle for diving and my old Playstation I. Bunch of twats! Hopefully insurance will pay me back.


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