Monday, May 14, 2007

Eurovision Song Contest 2007

Last Saturday some friends hosted a Eurovision party. It's actually a fun thing to do. We all went to their place, drank and nibbled while watching the 2007 Eurovision Song Contest live from Helsinki. We all had voting sheets and rated all 24 finalists. And Terry Wogan was there as well as usual as he is part of the Eurovision institution.

If you don't know Eurovision Song Contest, it's basically a song contest where each country in Europe sends a performer and a song and the whole of Europe can vote via phone and SMS. History has shown that Eurovision is usually very camp and very Eurotrash, hence the fun watching it while intoxicated.

Previous winners include ABBA, Lulu, Celine Dion. Last year winners were Lordi, a dark goth band from Finland, complete with monster costumes, singing Rock N Roll Hallelujah.

Anyway, from 24 finalists, some of them truely lived up to the campness (and gayness) required. And some entries were just painfully horrible (like Ireland). At our party, we all voted for Ukraine to win. Terry Wogan wanted them to win as well. But alas, they came second in the voting - which we think has been rigged as the winner is Serbia.

Serbia's entry was basically a lesbian singing about sore lips or something, not camp at all and not gay enough. Russia's entry was good as well, as they sang about blowing, tasting cherry pies, bitches, bad asses and more.

Well, judge for yourself which one should have won the 2007 Eurovision Song Contest:

Ukraine's entry
Russia's entry
Serbia's entry

"Sieben sieben, einz zwei"


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