Sunday, May 20, 2007


A while ago I've decided to get myself a new laptop, to replace the desktop PC that I have at home. After scouring all options, I had to choose between these two: an Apple MacBook or a Dell XPS. They both had the same performance and probably the same quality. I could have gotten a discount for the Dell but not for the MacBook. However, I made my choice and it fell on the MacBook.

One reason is Windows Vista. I didn't want to be using Vista yet and then having to upgrade all my software. The other reason is my iPod. I've been so happy with my iPod(s) that it's only fair to try a MacBook. Another reason is a software called Delicious Library.

I got myself the white one with 120GB of storage to be able to store all my music on it.

I received my MacBook last week. First thing I try doing was connecting it to my wireless internet. But for some reason it couldn't connect. I called up my mate and he came over the next morning. We both had a go and then decided to reboot the wireless modem/router. Result: I forgot my password and had no internet at all. I also decided to buy a new modem/router as the old new was pretty crap anyway (it was a D-Link btw)

I called the helpline and they were going to send a security code by post. Since it was a Saturday, I only got it the following Friday. So I had a new MacBook but couldn't do much with it. Luckily a neighbour has an unsecured wireless connection.

But now it's all sorted. In fact, this is the first post I'm making with my new MacBook. I'm loving it. I've moved all my music and videos, I've downloaded all necessary software (firefox, cooliris for firefox, MSN messenger, delicious library, open office) and I will be using this one from now on.

My old desktop PC will get the same fate as my other outdated electronics: it goes to my cousin's place.


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