Thursday, May 31, 2007

Pirates of The Carribean

Yesterday I watched the third installement of Pirates of The Carribean: At World's End.

I liked the first one, it was pretty fun. Johnny Depp was excellent as Captain Jack Sparrow and the movie was just that - a fun movie.

Then it became a hit and like any other hit, the producers wanted to cash in with sequels. So came the second bit and the third bit.

After watching the second, three words came into my mind. What. The. And fuck. I didn't understand the story, it was all just a big special effects parade and Johnny Depp looked a bit bored being Jack Sparrow.

Then came the third. It's supposed to be the final one, but if this cashes in another billion dollars then I'm sure there will be a fourth, or even a prequel, or a spinoff, or whatnot. The same three words were ringing in my head again after seeing this one, although not as loud as when I saw the second one. Again, the story is too complicated, too many main characters, endless scenes, and the movie a bit too long.

Seeing Jack Sparrow talk to other Jack Sparrows was just a rip-off from Being John Malkovich. Then the whole coming back from the dead deal, the pirate meeting, the hanging, etc etc etc. It was just too much.

The best bit was Keith Richards. Shame it didn't last long.

I hope if they do make another sequel that it'll come out in 2068 when I'm too old to go to the movies.


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