Monday, June 18, 2007


In Spain, Real Madrid won the league in the last 10 minutes. They won their last game, so they won the league even though they tried on points with Barcelona and have a worse goal difference than Barcelona. This is because in Spain the head-to-head result counts first. So a big bummer for Barcelona. (Had the Spanish league used the Dutch rules then Barcelona would have been champion and had the Dutch league used Spanish rules then Ajax would have been champions there.)

I don't think Real Madrid deserve to win the league, it was that lady luck and her friends were sitting in Real Madrid stands at every game.

Not sure if Rijkaard will stay at Barcelona, rumours are that he's tired and want to take a year off. And we don't know whether Capello will stay with Real Madrid or not. All we know is that David Beckham is off to the United States of America to play for the Los Angeles Galaxy and be neighbours with Tom Cruise. He'll be talking about scientology soon, Beckham that is.

Got nothing else to rant at the moment, this is just a random rant coming out of my random mind on a random Monday where I feel that everything is just randomly random.


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