Thursday, June 21, 2007

Speed Demon

Even though these days I ride my scooter in town, there are still times when I drive my car. Like when I go to training twice a week as it's on the other side of town.

Some time ago, the city changed it's traffic cameras. They used to be old cameras and some of them were either for speeding or for traffic lights but rarely for both. Now they are all digital and are used for both when before it was only for traffic lights.

On the way back from training there is a camera which is for a traffic light that almost never turns red. I used to zip before that camera knowing that I will never be flashed by it. Then they changed it and I wasn't aware of it. Yet. Until this week when I received three speeding tickets.

All three were from the same camera and were taken in the space of two weeks. I go to training twice a week so in that period of time I drove past it 4 times and got flashed 3 times!

Fortunately I don't go too fast. The speed limit is 60 kph and I was driving 70 kph, 68 kph and 70 kph respectively on each occasion. That's a fine of 40 francs each time.

Maybe next time I'll just go on my scooter...


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