Friday, September 07, 2007

Guns 'N Roses

After reading Mick Wall's W. Axl Rose I have to admit that I found out some facts about Guns N Roses that I didn't know before - even though at one point in my life I considered myself a GNR fan. I still listen to Appetite for Destruction regularly and Rocket Queen is among the songs with the highest play count on my iPod.

Well here are some facts about GNR that I didn't know until I've read the book:
  • Axl is a big fan of ELO and Queen, studied music and played the piano in high school
  • Duff, the punk from Seattle, is a Prince fanatic
  • Duff is a multi-instrumentalist who before joining GNR was a drummer in a band in Seattle with Andrew Wood (if you know your Seattle grunge history you will know Andrew Wood)
  • In November Rain, the "string" sounds weren't actually played by an orchestra but comes from Dizzy's keyboard. In the videoclip however, there was an orchestra, hence the mistake
  • None of them are from Hollywood (I always thought Steven was)
And here are some facts about me concerning GNR that you might not know before:
  • I used to have a GNR poster on my wall (but then again, who didn't back in 1990?)
  • I must have had several copies (at least 6) of the Appetite for Destruction album in various formats, but never owned two at the same time.
  • Sweet Child O'Mine was the first song I ever performed with a band on stage. I was 14 at the time. Several years later while in university we played this song again and only then did I realise how wrong I was playing this song the first time.
  • Rocket Queen is my favorite GNR song
  • I will buy Chinese Democracy when it comes out - even if it's in 2019.
Funny how you find about these things, innit?


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