Monday, September 03, 2007


On Sunday I went to see a Polo match with my friends. The day was beautiful (the last "last day of summer?") and the setting couldn't be more Polo-like.

As you expect from this sport, the setting was very posh. People wearing jackets and all other snobbish clothes, people drinking champagne, people arriving in their Aston Martins, people eating caviar in the VIP section, posh sponsors, etc.

I've never seen a polo match before so it was quite interesting to watch. The ball is very small and the horses go very fast so it's a bit difficult to watch. And when you watch the ball you tend to forget about the rider until you suddenly see him on the ground waving his stick at another rider. It's quite enjoyable actually and it's a good outing on a nice sunny Sunday.

Of course after the game me and my mate were dying to throw a frisbee around the polo field but the car was parked too far away.


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