Thursday, November 22, 2007

No England in Euro2008

Last night I came home a bit early after having some drinks with my mates to watch England play Croatia. England needed a point to qualify, while Croatia is already qualified. England is playing at home, in front of 80,000 people in Wembley. It's basically a sudden death match, the biggest game there is before Euro2008.

Before the game I already said that England shouldn't qualify. They always boast that they have the best team in the world, that with the players they have they can win anything but the fact is that they have only won 1 cup and that was 40 years ago. Their so-called "golden generation" have achieved fuck all, and still they think they have a divine right to be in every championship just because they are England.

When I switched my telly on I couldn't believe it when I saw the scoreline: 0-2 for Croatia. Then I saw the replay of the goals. First goal was the goalie's fault. Steve McClaren chose inexperienced Scott Carson over Paul Robinson and that goal was the price he had to pay. The second goal was just a defensive blunder. Two Croatian, 6 English players and still noboy picked up Olic's run. Micah Richards just put his hand up instead of chasing Olic and Carson couldn't do anything anymore.

England managed to get level (nice goal from Crouch) but then again they sat back. Rule #1 in football: if you have the ball you're opponents cannot score a goal. Those overpaid primadonnas obviously forgot rule #1 and chose to give the ball to the Croatians instead. No wonder Croatia scored another goal.

So England is not coming to Switzerland and Austria and Steve McClaren has been fired. Hopefully the English FA looks into the root of the matter and England can have a great team again. Otherwise it will be a waste of the talents like Rooney and Hargreaves.

As for me, I'm happy to know that next summer there won't be loud and noisy Englishmen all over the place...


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